USS Survey on Sustainable/Ethical Investments

USS is conducting a survey on ’Sustainable and Ethical Investment’.  As you may know, to date USS has had major investments in fossil fuels along with armaments and tobacco. They have agreed to divest from tobacco but need to hear from members that we want them to divest from fossil fuels, armaments and other sectors that cause harm.   To achieve this we need a good response to the survey.  The survey was sent out in the latest Members Update or can be found here  Please complete the survey and encourage many others to do so.  Many thanks

2 thoughts on “USS Survey on Sustainable/Ethical Investments

  1. I used the link to fill in the members survey, but although the link is live, it does not point at a survey. In particular I would like to give USS feedback about investment in armaments.


  2. Hi – the members’ survey happened a year ago so I think the survey has been taken down. Our view is that USS should stop investing our pension contributions in armaments and should divest these holdings immediately. We’ve been focussing more on fossil fuels because of the climate emergency but we are opposed to all investments that cause harm to others.


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